jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

First pilot's entry: Folka

Name: Folka Albark
Voice Actor: Yasunori Matsumoto
Group: Shura
Theme Song: Crimson Shura God 
Units Piloted: Ialdabaoth (first entry), Ialdabaoth (Apotheosized) (video)
Games Appeared: Compact 3, Original Generations and Original Generation Gaiden

Objective description: He's a Shura warrior, and because of a certain incident involving a little child he had to turn against the Shura Army, joining her brother's army to fight them. He defeated all the generals and even the king itself, efectively becoming the new King of Shura. Personality wise, he seems very cold-hearted, but that's only because he's very serious about his ideals. His fighting style is called "Kishin Ken" or "Machine God Fist" and its moves are shown in Ialdabaoth's video.

Personal opinion: What can I say about him? He is an exceptional mecha pilot with an awesome theme song and an awesome mecha. But that doesen't say much about him. I really love his hot-blooded personality and his aggresive style, it perfectly matches his mecha. He seems cold, but in reality he deeply cares about his friends and his ideals. Even though he isn't my favourite pilot, he has a special place for being the pilot of my favorite mecha and because I love his hairstyle. Nah, just kidding.

So here is my first article about a pilot, and, as today's extra... his theme, CRIMSON SHURA GOD! And with this I say goodbye. Cya tomorrow!

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  1. Hi oski! =3 (can I call you that way?)

    I've just read your last upload >< you don't write too much things in comparison with me D: too bad! Well I need to practise English more than you... xD So maybe that's logical. I write more than you do because my English is pretty worse than yours ;_; I envy your inteligence. Someday I'll absorb it from your brain

    I don't know what to say about Folka san because I'm not a mecha's expert but I'm picking up information about that topic from your blog XD

    cya tomorrow in claass!

  2. Today i'll write about Getter Robo Armageddon and as i have seen the anime, i can wirte a lot more about it =D