jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

First pilot's entry: Folka

Name: Folka Albark
Voice Actor: Yasunori Matsumoto
Group: Shura
Theme Song: Crimson Shura God 
Units Piloted: Ialdabaoth (first entry), Ialdabaoth (Apotheosized) (video)
Games Appeared: Compact 3, Original Generations and Original Generation Gaiden

Objective description: He's a Shura warrior, and because of a certain incident involving a little child he had to turn against the Shura Army, joining her brother's army to fight them. He defeated all the generals and even the king itself, efectively becoming the new King of Shura. Personality wise, he seems very cold-hearted, but that's only because he's very serious about his ideals. His fighting style is called "Kishin Ken" or "Machine God Fist" and its moves are shown in Ialdabaoth's video.

Personal opinion: What can I say about him? He is an exceptional mecha pilot with an awesome theme song and an awesome mecha. But that doesen't say much about him. I really love his hot-blooded personality and his aggresive style, it perfectly matches his mecha. He seems cold, but in reality he deeply cares about his friends and his ideals. Even though he isn't my favourite pilot, he has a special place for being the pilot of my favorite mecha and because I love his hairstyle. Nah, just kidding.

So here is my first article about a pilot, and, as today's extra... his theme, CRIMSON SHURA GOD! And with this I say goodbye. Cya tomorrow!

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Let's get started ò.ó

So, this will be the fist serious article, and i'm going to talk about my favourite mecha, the IALDABAOTH!

Name: Ialdabaoth
Pilot: Folka Albark
Height: 24,7 meters
Weight: 77,2 tons
Weapons: Kishin Ken, Kishin Shojuugeki, Kishin Mougeki Ken and Kouha Kishin Ken.
Appears in: SRW OGG and SRW OGS

Objective description: Really there isn't many info on this machine, but I will say some things about it though. This type of machine is called a Shura God, and it's name comes from a false god or demiurg in the Gnostic beliefs. It also runs on the pilot's life energy, so it's capabilities depend greatly on the mood or health of the pilot. Fernando Alduk, Folka's rival, has a very similar robot called Valefar. It's implied that both are brother machines. Also, the Ialdabaoth it's very different from the other Shura Gods because it has an "apotheosized" form.

Personal opinion: I really love this mecha, I usually prefer Real Robots (that is, realistic robots, not like Mazinger Z and similars, which are Super Robots) but with this one i'll make an exception. It has really strong moves, it's design it's fantastic and its pilots theme its superb... it somehow transmits some kind of epic energy that imbues you and makes you want to kick some baddies' ass. Simply amazing.

And as today's extra, a video with all of the apotheosized Ialdabaoth's moves :3 :

So that's all for today! Cya tomorrow!

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

First entry!

First of all, thanks to everyone that visits this blog and welcome to my blog project about mechas, series about mechas and everything else about mechas!

This first entry will be about myself, what I'm going to post here, and why this blog is being created. OK then, let's get started!

  1. -About myself:
My name is Oscar Gil Ferrer and i'm a freshman in the Degree of Translation and Interpretation at the University Jaume I in Castellón. I'm 17 right now but I will be 18 in two weeks and my passion are, as you should already know... mechas :3

     2. -What I'm going to post here

The next articles are going to consist in profiles of mechas or its pilots, news in the mecha world, like new series or OVA's and such, and some articles about the music that appears in the series and games; and the bands or artists that play them. The profiles will be mostly objective, but in the end I will put some personal opinion about them.

     3. -Why am I doing this

Easy. Our English teacher said that we had to write a blog in English about something with, at least, four thousand words. I've chosen this subject because is very vast and because I LOVE it.

And, that's it for today? NOPE =D

As an extra I'm going to put a video of a song of my favourite band, who also have made songs for an awful lot of mecha series: JAM Project.

This one's the opening of Muv-Luv Alternative, a mecha visual novel. The song is called Asu e no houkou that means The scream towards tomorrow. Here is a link with the lyrics: LINK!

And now, I have to say goodbye! Cya tomorrow!